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Diamante Porsches? Lime Lamborghinis? China's crazy customized cars

Diamante Porsches? Lime Lamborghinis? China’s crazy customized cars

Beijing might be famous for being the city of nine million bicycles, but in the Chinese capital, cars are now king. A world-record breaking 20 million automobiles were sold across the country last year, making China the world’s largest car market. With 200 new models
In China, novel ways to fake ancient goods

In China, novel ways to fake ancient goods

  Strolling through Beijing’s Panjiayuan Market, it’s easy to imagine you’ve entered an antique treasure trove. Hawkers here sell blue and white porcelain, jade trinkets and Cultural Revolution-era memorabilia. If the prices seem too good to be true, that’s because they are. In the past, it